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Two Card Monte

You bring out a pack of cards and explain about a game you saw called the 3 card monte. You explain you want to try that same game but only with two cards. You show your audience two aces and you explain how you are going to switch them up in their hands and they have to guess which ace is on top. After back and fourth the spectator turns over both cards and they have magically changed into Jokers and the spectator was holding the cards the whole time!

In Control

From a shuffled deck of cards you cut the pack into four parts and elegantly turn over each top card being each one of the four aces. You then place each ace inside the deck and shuffle the cards to make it impossible to find them again. However, one by one you produce each ace by sleight of hand using an impressive move showing your skill and expertise. The perfect way to show your skill at cards.


You tell the audience how quick sleight of hand actually is. You show them a few cool card moves and then you show them one card and another. Immediately they switch. Now you take the same cards and place them in the hands of the spectators. They switch again. You do it one last time but this time you place the cards underneath the audience shoes so there is no way to switch the cards, however when they lift the cards up they now have been switched!


You tell the audience how easily it is to influence someone’s thoughts and what they are thinking. You ask them to take any card just not the ace of spades. You spread out the deck and the card they choose is that card! You try again and name another card and they still take the same one! This time you lay a card down on the table and ask them to name any card except for that. They name the card but amazingly that is the card which is on the table! Guaranteed Opener and reputation maker!

Magic Chinos

You ask the audience to choose a card and replace it back into the deck. After some cutting and shuffling you reach into your pocket and the card that has been chosen is now in your pocket. You place the card back in the deck and with a snap of the fingers the card is back in your pocket. You now explain to the audience about palming and how you quickly load the card in your pocket. However this time you remove the card from your pocket and rub it on your leg and the card disappears, magically back in your pocket. Now you take the card and place it back in the deck but this time instead of the card disappearing the whole deck jumps to your pocket! Very strong interactive routine!

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